We Do As We Please

OUT 09_05_2013



Into the Death Abyss


The Mechanics of Dissent/Descent

Guess who’s back ? Where others dare to tread,
Death Abyss stamps the footprint for the future of techno.
Support from DJ’s who wave the flag of dissent : Surgeon, Inigo Kennedy, Makaton etc..
Absolute SICK release. Chestplate carnage guaranteed.

Stage 4 Deployment

Putting the ‘NO’ back in techno in 2010.
Datamine is back !
Do you want total war?
Do you want total war?
Yes, you want total war!
Yes, you want total war!

Sodium Cyanide Remixes

Digital release 21_10_2010 available worldwide

Rodz-Konez grip techno by the throat with their dirty yellow fingernails. Remixes from Makaton, Death Abyss, Go Hiyama and Datamine.

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Stage 3 – Verification

_Digital release available _27/05/10_Worldwide

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Encoding Memory Remixes

Encoding Memory Remixes

_Digital release available _29/04/10_Worldwide

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Stage 2 – Pattern Building

Datamine – Stage 2 – Pattern Building

Explore The Pattern

Ascertain The Meaning

Validate The Concept

Execute The Program

Stage 2 - Pattern Building

_Digital release available _14/12/09_Worldwide

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Leave Them All Behind

Leave Them All Behind - Makaton (TOKEN 13)
Leave Them All Behind - Makaton (TOKEN 13)

A Secret Form of Punishment.

Next RELEASE by Makaton on TOKEN due 16/11/2009

Available on vinyl, wav, mp3 formats worldwide

Thanks for the support.


360 Degrees Of Vision

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Techno’s Body.

the black chemical in the spinal fluid.
the unforgiving bruises on the arms.
the dried blood on the lips.
the vacant look in the eyes.
the spirit behind 100+ techno releases.

Will they ever catch up with him?

Its not an end; it’s a beginning.

Welcome Back…

Inigo Kennedy

‘ Fearless Devices ‘

Next release _09_11_2009

Digital Release Available Worldwide

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Thanks for the support.