Into the Death Abyss

Dominate Through Will

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Death Abyss – Dominate Through Will

We travel from flame to flame. Ruling from the shadows.


Leading you astray since 1999.

Sodium Cyanide Remixes

Digital release 21_10_2010 available worldwide

Rodz-Konez grip techno by the throat with their dirty yellow fingernails. Remixes from Makaton, Death Abyss, Go Hiyama and Datamine.

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Sodium Cyanide

_Digital release available _09/09/10_Worldwide

We distort truth. We serve no one. We will remain.

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The Hermetic Antagonist

_Digital release available _24/06/10_Worldwide

New artist to Rodz-Konez roster, welcome to Death Abyss.

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Stage 3 – Verification

_Digital release available _27/05/10_Worldwide

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Encoding Memory Remixes

Encoding Memory Remixes

_Digital release available _29/04/10_Worldwide

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Nothing Ordinary